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Unlock the full potential of your clinical operations with ISS Nexus, the ultimate platform for seamless trial management

Updated: May 9

ISS Nexus empowers your organization with integrated inventory management, advanced forecasting tools, and comprehensive regulatory compliance systems, all designed to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. From robust real-time tracking and flexible subscription models to cutting-edge technology integration and proactive risk management, ISS Nexus ensures that every aspect of your supply chain and clinical trials is optimized for success. Embrace reliability, compliance, and innovation with ISS Nexus—where advanced functionality meets operational excellence.

1. Optimizing Cost Management and Efficiency

Unlock cost efficiency and elevate resource management with ISS Nexus. Our platform integrates inventory management and forecasting tools, allowing your team to streamline operations and reduce expenses. With customizable subscription models and comprehensive data integrations, ISS Nexus is tailored to scale with your organizational needs while ensuring budget adherence.

2. Simplifying Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance effortlessly with ISS Nexus. Our system ensures compliance with all regulatory standards, including 21CFR and GDPR, while facilitating easy management of protocol amendments. Reduce the risk of non-compliance with our QA and regulatory controls, making inspection-readiness a standard feature of your operations.

3. Enhancing Patient Recruitment and Retention

Transform patient recruitment and retention strategies using ISS Nexus. Our platform supports patient-centric trial approaches with flexible visit scheduling and advanced logic supply management, ensuring patient needs are met and improving overall trial participation rates. Streamline your patient engagement processes and keep your trials moving smoothly.

4. Advancing Technology Integration

Leverage cutting-edge technology integration with ISS Nexus. Our platform supports seamless integration of various data systems and third-party data sources, enhancing data quality and trial management. With features like 1-day IRT builds and real-time inventory tracking, ISS Nexus accelerates technology adoption across your clinical operations.

5. Ensuring Supply Reliability and Effective Risk Management

Secure your supply chain against unpredictability with ISS Nexus. Our robust inventory tracking and automated shipping processes provide end-to-end visibility and proactive management, minimizing the risk of stock-outs and delays. With our intelligent automated shipping and detailed lot lineage tracking, you can safeguard your supply reliability and effectively manage potential risks.

Discover how ISS Nexus can transform your clinical and supply chain operations. Schedule a personalized demo today and experience firsthand the advanced functionality and operational excellence that ISS Nexus brings to your organization.


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