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Powerful optimization of clinical trials and supplies


ISS Nexus

Powerful optimization of clinical trials and supplies

The ISS Nexus platform is the central hub for pharma to easily plan, manage, and optimize clinical supplies. The system builds around a flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) core, enabling strong linkage among production, demand forecasts and supply plans. This allows users to create full simulations at the site, trial and program level and use scenarios to assess feasibility and optimize outputs. Finalized supply plans can be seamlessly promoted to become the inputs for trial execution in the integrated IRT module or users can incorporate data from virtually any other IRT or data source.

Whether in forecast simulation mode or live trial execution, the ISS Nexus platform provides users with powerful reports and alerts. This data provides sponsors with immediate insights into inventory and future status —from individual patients and sites up to the program and portfolio level.



Forecasting is at the core of the ISS Nexus platform and helps users create detailed, highly-predictive models of how a clinical trial will proceed – essentially running the trial before it happens.

Unlike Excel models which can take weeks to build and then rebuilt again as assumptions change, ISS Nexus forecasts are modified on-the-fly, providing real-time analysis of the effects of proposed changes to a given trial.

Users also have the option of integrating data from 3rd party systems, enriching the capabilities and decision-making power of the ISS Nexus system.



Interactive Response Technology (IRT)

Create lightning fast 1-day builds with ease, saving hours of time and optimizing trial execution.

With the ISS Nexus SaaS IRT module users benefit from features like flexible visit scheduling, inventory tracking and alerts, and advanced logic supply.

With robust features like multiple role types, protocol management, and intelligent automated shipping, users can avoid costly change orders midway through a trial.


Inventory Management

We took the best features of an ERP and an MRP then rolled them into one comprehensive system for managing your clinical trial supplies.

Users can easily maintain visibility on depot & site inventory levels, monitor product temperature, and manage processes like manual shipping throughout all trial phases.

The Inventory Management system also provides users with robust handling of commercial lots, QA , and regulatory controls.



Empower Your Data

Your data on demand. It's your data and at ISS we believe you should always have access to it.

ISS Nexus gives you..

• Robust, flexible, 3rd party data integration

• Works with your data to provide a comprehensive overview

and consistent reporting regardless of the data source

• Empowers users to be proactive instead of reactive with data driven reports and analytics



100% Configurable

At ISS we recognize each customer has unique needs which is why we built our platform from the ground up to be highly configurable.

• Pick and choose functionality (Use what you need )

• Multiple workflow options (supports your personal workflow)

• Choose the right combination of services that meet your business needs

• One size doesn't fit all, Nexus aligns with customer workflows

• A platform thats as flexible as your changing needs




The ISS Nexus platform combines Inventory Management, Accurate Forecasting, and IRT into one powerful solution

Inventory Management

Depot/ Site Inventory

Full Lot of Lineage and Genealogy

Temperature Management

Manual Shipping (ex. IIS, Phase 1)

Commercial Lots

QA and Regulatory Controls

MRP-like Item Masters


Complex Trial Designs & Pooling

Full Trial Simulations & IRT Build

Fast & Accurate Forecast Builds

Side-by-Side Plan Comparisons

Unified Nexus Reports

Event Based Triggers

Automated Dose Change Simulation


1-Day Build (vs 8+ weeks)

Flexible Visit Scheduling

Advanced  Logic Supply

Inventory Tracking & Alerts

CS, ClinOps & Site Roles/Views (blind/unblind)

Protocol Amendment Management

Intelligent Automated Shipping

No Change Orders

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