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6 Ways to Save Money and Reduce Waste with ISS Nexus

ISS Nexus is uniquely positioned to offer pharmaceutical and therapeutics organizations significant cost savings and waste reduction benefits through its innovative features and functionalities. Here's how ISS Nexus achieves these critical objectives:

Advanced Logic Supply Management

ISS Nexus optimizes supply management with advanced logic-based algorithms, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of investigational products. This feature minimizes waste and maintains appropriate inventory levels, directly translating into cost savings by avoiding overstocking and reducing waste of valuable pharmaceutical ingredients, including APIs.

Intelligent Automated Shipping

Automating the shipping process, including tasks such as label generation and documentation, not only improves accuracy but also significantly reduces manual effort and associated costs. This streamlined approach ensures that products are delivered efficiently, reducing delays and potential waste from expired or improperly shipped items.

Elimination of Change Orders

With a highly configurable system, ISS Nexus eliminates the need for change orders, which are often a source of significant delays and additional costs in clinical trials and pharmaceutical operations. By removing these hurdles, ISS Nexus streamlines trial operations and maintains study continuity, eliminating the extra time and costs associated with implementing changes during a trial.

Subscription Models and Hosting Options

ISS Nexus offers flexible subscription options and hosting configurations to align with the organization's needs and scale, allowing for cost optimization and scalability. Whether it's per-trial, per-compound, or enterprise-wide subscriptions, organizations can select the model that best fits their operational scale and budgetary constraints.

Comprehensive Inventory Management and Forecasting

The platform's robust inventory management and forecasting capabilities enable organizations to plan more effectively, reducing the risk of stock-outs or excess inventory. By leveraging real-time data and analytics for decision-making, ISS Nexus helps organizations to align their production and supply chain operations with actual market demand, minimizing waste and optimizing resource use.

Continuous Support and Enhancements

With access to 24/7 technical support and regular updates featuring new enhancements, ISS Nexus ensures that organizations can maintain operational efficiency without the downtime or costs associated with system issues or outdated functionalities. This ongoing support and system evolution safeguard investments and contribute to long-term cost savings.

By integrating these features, ISS Nexus empowers pharmaceutical and therapeutics organizations to streamline their operations, reduce waste, and achieve significant cost savings. The platform's focus on efficiency, flexibility, and innovation makes it a valuable tool for organizations looking to optimize their clinical supply chain management and operational processes.

But don’t take our word for it —Book a personalized demo here and see how ISS Nexus can transform the way your organization manages their clinical trials.


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