Innovative Supply Solutions offers a unique software platform that enables you to see, control, and react to every variable that could impact your trial while reducing risk and saving money.

Experience the breakthrough in clinical supply chain management that you have been waiting for.



Focused on clinical drug supply needs. 

Removing complexity of traditional ERP systems. Easily manage even the most complicated clinical drug supply chain.  Targeted to ensure you know what to produce, how much is needed, when it will be required and where it is used.



Focus on strategy not data entry

Build and easily run multiple scenarios.  Produce accurate baseline forecasts.  Create and manage your demand forecasts not just at trial level, but across an entire compound or portfolio.


Rapidly adapt to and quantify the impact of changes. 

Expiry management and batch utilization.  Trend actual data to make informed decisions and drive toward safe reduction of waste


Easy to create, read and interpret.

Dashboard provides portfolio view, allows action where necessary.  On demand status reports core to the system.