Total Technology for Drug Supply Management and clinical trial execution
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At ISS, we offer scalable services that let us partner with any company - regardless of your size of needs. Drawing on extensive global regulatory compliance knowledge and far-reaching supply chain expertise, we provide technology solutions that deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities, from production planning to patient utilization, at a highly competitive cost.

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Supply Chain Technology Solutions

Our consistently accurate platform allows you to fully automate your supply chain management for higher visibility and reduced risk at a significantly lower cost. Our advanced software platform enables you to see, control and react to every variable that could possibly impact even the most complicated clinical drug supply chain.


·    Creates and manages demand and supply forecasts - not only at the trial level but across an entire compound or portfolio

·    Contains expiry information and batch utilization to maintain optimal drug supply and reduction of waste

·    Enables drug supply management to within +/- 10% of forecast

·    Allows users to build new scenarios with existing information, quickly generating updated forecasts 

·    Easily tests, adapts and quantifies the impact of each change in terms of timing, cost and product needs 

·    Has intuitive trial simulation, so time can be spent on strategy rather than data entry

·    Generates easy-to-read reports, dashboards, graphs and charts

·    Has integration of live IRT data to drive decisions in real time

·    Allows clients to quickly move existing forecast data into execution mode


Clinical Trial Execution Solutions

When our clients asked us to build an affordable alternative to the old IRT systems with the same quality and attention we put into our supply platform, we delivered. What began as a powerful clinical trial supply forecasting tool is now a complete end-to-end trial management solution. And that's a BIG advantage for you. 


·    Handles all shipping, subject management and site management for trial execution

·    Has optional automated user acceptance testing, eliminating the need for manual testing

·    Provides unprecedented levels of details well beyond most IRT models

·    Eliminates the need for manual paper inputs, reducing risk for error

·    Ready on-time, every time, ensuring that the IRT is off the critical path forever

·    Prepares readily accessible and easy-to-read reports

·    Reduces client costs by leveraging efficient trial configuration developed from years of successful simulation experience

·    Can be utilized enterprise-wide or as a software-as-a-service model, depending on your needs


Drug Supply Project Management

Whether you are seeking complete drug supply management or targeted assistance, ISS has the expertise to support your staff to your requirements and scale. Using our proprietary platform, our team's operational approach consistently provides opportunities to enhance the efficiency of your clinical trial supply chain by identifying risks and ensuring timely solutions.

Our services include: 


·    Planning and forecasting for API through formulated product needs

·    Product sourcing (comparator, rescue med, ancillary supply)

·    Packaging design

·    IVR/IWR supply design and management

·    Inventory management

·    Packaging and labeling coordination

·    Distribution coordination

·    Material destruction operations

·    Consulting and risk assessment