Don't play IRT Roulette anymore!

If you are like many others in our field, you are picking your IRT settings and hoping things work out for the best. Unknowingly you are playing what’s called “IRT Roulette”! Why leave to chance or gut instinct your drug supply logic? Finally, there are means to test what you plan on implementing in an IRT system before your system goes live. (And now you can rest easy.)

Contained within the Innovative Supply Solutions Platform, are the key drug supply settings that you will implement in an IRT system. You can choose from various supply logics, such as Threshold, Predictive and Hybrid approaches. In addition to the supply logic, you can now simulate the impact of different initial shipment quantities, threshold min/max levels, predictive look-ahead supply and shipping windows, along with do not count, do not ship and do not dispense dates. Why leave such critical settings to chance when you can accurately pressure test them well in advance of the go live date for an IRT system? (And you come out looking like the smart person you are.)

ISS recognizes the importance of being able to simulate how your supply chain will be managed prior to go live of the IRT system. This enables better controls and optimization of drug supply utilization, shipping frequency and reduced risk to your study. Using our platform, you can predict changes in supply demands as the study progresses and proactively be ready to adapt key supply logic. If you happen to have expensive product, are working with controlled drug 222 processes or desire optimal supply utilization, then this approach is a must. Not only is this activity critical pre-study, but once the study is live, so the ISS Platform also enables you to quickly quantify the impact of changes to supply logic before your implement them in an IRT system! This safeguards and enhances decision making, ensuring that a change to the supply logic will not have a negative impact in the coming weeks and months of a study.

I’m sure this sounds great, but how much time will it take to change the system to get to this data? We designed the ISS Platform knowing this data is critical and will likely need to be evaluated and re-evaluated many times over the course of a study. The ISS Platform enables these changes to be quantified in terms of changes to product demand, timing and costs all in mere minutes!

Innovative Supply Solutions has created a powerful, accurate software platform that is revolutionizing clinical supply chain management. This breakthrough in supply chain management maintains ease of use, intuitive, visual reports, and high levels of accuracy to deliver an end-to-end solution that finally addresses the needs of clinical supply chain management. Our platform, consists of a targeted ERP – sized just right for R&D efforts. Demand simulation allowing fast, accurate scenarios planning. Supply actualization using real time integrated data and highly visual reports tracking actuals vs forecast. Our integrated end to end approach greatly simplifies the clinical trial supply process and has been proven to handle trials of all complexity.

So you’re wondering, “how do I get to see this risk-free on my schedule with no commitment, pressure or hassles?” Just give us a call at 267-433-2465 ext. 102 or email and we’ll take care of you.

Stop playing IRT Roulette - your loved ones will thank you.