Total Technology for Drug Supply Management and clinical trial execution
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ADAM’S STORY: I have over 20 years of multinational pharmaceutical experience, with virtually all of that focused on global supply chain management. Immediately prior to starting ISS, I ran the global clinical supply chain function for Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals. In that role, I experienced what many of you probably have - a seemingly exponential increase in the complexity of clinical trials, and a concurrent rise in the cost of drug supplies for those studies. Whereas in years past, paper and spreadsheets were all one needed to forecast clinical supply needs, we quickly found ourselves purchasing expensive and highly-customized IRT software systems and services just to keep up with the demands of our most critical later-stage studies.

Like many others in the industry, I became frustrated with the cost, complexity and inaccuracy of these programs. Vendors were focused on only solving the needs of trial execution, and most weren't even addressing forecasting or production.

In 2010, I founded Innovative Supply Solutions (ISS) to answer the need for a better way to forecast and manage complex clinical studies. At ISS we have developed a powerful, robust and accurate software platform capable of successfully refining drug supply management. This Total Technology platform leverages real-time visibility to see, control and react to every possible clinical trial variable. It seamlessly integrates each piece of the clinical supply chain at all phases and levels of complexity, allowing users to make rapid adjustments and maximize ROI.




MIKE’S STORY: As the CEO of Myoderm, a specialist in sourcing, management, and labeling of commercial drugs and supplies, I’ve worked closely with many of the top pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, CROs and clinical trial packagers around the world. Prior to becoming a leading solutions provider in the field of global clinical trial supply, I served in executive positions in the publishing, advertising, financial and utility industries.


RICK’S STORY: My passion and expertise is in leveraging technologies to solve large-scale challenges, drawing on extensive operational knowledge of unique identification systems, real-time data services, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technologies. I’ve served as a c-level officer, principal partner and founder of both public and private entities in the fields of technology, venture capital, real estate, aviation, healthcare, hospitality, financial and consumer services. I’m presently the founder and chairman of, a customer feedback management platform, and the executive vice president of EVRYTHNG.COM, a smart products platform that was named a 2018 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

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